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Proud of being a part of this product. This is an application for a client from KSA. They had a slight idea of exactly what they wanted to do. I took from there and developed iPhone and Android application including wearables like Apple Watch and Android OS watches.

AidMaid is application to inform emergency contact in case of some panic situation. It provides live streaming, location tracking, maps and safety guards to help the victim and their contacts to interact. Later in development, we have added other goodies in the app for making app a community of helpers and contributors. This app is still available in the store for download and partially in development from the client side. Taking an idea to the market was a wonderful experience when you see people downloading and using your app for real purpose.

  • Client : Chillax LLC
  • Skills : XCode, Objective C, Google Maps, iAD, MySql, PHP, Photoshop, Android Studio, Java, AWS
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