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Boring App B&E

Boring App B&E
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Boring App B&E

Building & Earth has been providing professional engineering services to the design and construction industry in USA. It was supposed to be a small project but we enhanced its scope to entertain all the features that company require. This app was developed in React Native to support iOS and Android, and their windows counterpart was written in C# .NET using Forms Application. Backend was written in Laravel and heavily used Firebase for some backend needs.

Drilling app is for their engineers who go on different project sites and drill holes, collect samples and offer lithology services. Their requirement to support multiple projects at one time, each projects could have many drilling points with samples and lithology studies. Everything was stored on Firebase Realtime Database, Laravel was used to generate Excel Spreadsheets for their project data, moreover, import features was also provided to parse the input Spreadsheet from their system to import them in the apps.

I furnished them a backend portal to manage their projects, set their app config parameters, send emails, import/export projects files, manage apps and to download their app for their use. This app is not available on App Store, it is distributed using their Enterprise Developer account.

  • Client : Building & Earth
  • Skills : React Native, Laravel, Firebase, C# .NET, Windows
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