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CellCoin iOS Wallet

CellCoin iOS Wallet
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CellCoin iOS Wallet

This project was continuation of CellCoin crypto currency project where we have to deliver an iOS wallet for users to store their coins and send and receive money from there directly. I achieved this by writing and exposing node scripts to communicate with node server using RPC and provide necessary information to the mobile version. Mobile is responsible for creating its own private key and storing them in the client side. Server is not storing any data regarding client blockchain. Once client (mobile) connects with the node server, it only provides a channel to provide interaction between client and node server.

In CellCoin mobile wallet, the key is to provide all necessary goodies to mobile user to interact with currency coins and without relying on the server side, they can maintain their own blockchains to perform transactions. Because the client connects to a node server ultimately and they can easily broadcast their transactions to the network. The UI was simple and easy to use for the user with straightforward screens.

  • Client : Eercast Inc
  • Skills : XCode, Swift, RPC, NodeJS, WebSockets
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