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CellCoin Web Wallet

CellCoin Web Wallet
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CellCoin Web Wallet

CellCoin web wallet is another project after the currency creation for users to create their wallets online. This project was to create landing pages and a wallet creation machination that should be secure and unhackable. We come up with different solutions and ultimately users following approach.

At CellCoinWallet the server is only used to store the users' wallets (ciphered), to provide information about the network to them, and to generate PoW. When a user signs up, a random identifier is generated to store the user wallet under it, but the wallet is created at the browser (seeds, keys, accounts, transactions, signatures, everything ... ). Once the user is done with the wallet, it is ciphered (AES256) with his password, still at the browser, and then the ciphered wallet is sent to the server to store it. Someone with access to the database wouldn't be able to find users' keys (if passwords are strong enough and haven't been leaked by their owners).

  • Client : Eercast Inc
  • Skills : HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, PHP
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