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Employee App B&E

Employee App B&E
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Employee App B&E

Building & Earth has been providing professional engineering services to the design and construction industry in USA. They required an employee app for their use. The main purpose of the app to send notifications to their employees, share monthly newsletters, give users ability to search and use their company links, check their locations, navigate to those locations using maps, send feedback and much more.

I developed this app using React Native and Laravel/Firebase combo. Whole admin portal was designed to manage their in-app content ranging from every small settings to whole app data. Portal will be used to send push notifications to different groups and users from the backend to the apps. Push new newsletters to their users, check submitted feedback etc. All data was published to Firebase to use in the app.

Apps has variety of things to mention from adaptive screens, locations mapping, searching and displaying links, forms for submitting feedbacks and photo contents submissions. App was distributed using their Enterprise Develop accounts and were not published on public app stores.

  • Client : Building & Earth
  • Skills : React Native, Laravel, Firebase
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