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Just Order Them Online

Just Order Them Online
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Just Order Them Online

I always remember Loretta Lancaster from Washington. She was a photographer and owner of a website called Just Order Them Online. It was a static website back then where she uploads her clients pictures and people can watch them online. But due to advancement in e-commerce activity, she wanted to provide a portal to their clients where they can order their stuff for printing. I converted static website to ASP .NET portal, with addition to order based system and integrated payment gateway for orders.

I always liked with with Microsoft technologies in the past we I went for ASP .NET and MSSql that time. Designed templates, defined a complete flow and implemented it with latest and greatest features provided by Visual Studio that time. It was a fun project and Loretta was very supported.

  • Client : Loretta Lancaster
  • Skills : ASP .NET, Javascript, jQuery, Photoshop, SQL Server, VB .NET
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