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Mag Films Studio App

Mag Films Studio App
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Mag Films Studio App

Mag Films Studios are dedicated to distribute their Christian movies to their members through their online portals. This project was to have apps for users on respective platforms. Users should be able to pay for those movies, stream them on their devices, download movies for later playback.

I developed their streaming app using React Native, their backend was already written by me in Laravel and I have already exposed essential APIs for their VueJS web app. Whole infrastructure was hosted on AWS using various on-demand services. Payments were done using Stripe in the apps, movie streaming was handled using a third party service, downloads and other features were handled in-house.

This app is tightly integrated with their Pious Coin technology. For each payment in the app, users were given Pious Coins to their in-app crypto account. They can pay for content in the app using crypto or withdraw them on any external Pious Coin wallet for their use.

  • Client : Mag Films Studio
  • Skills : React Native, Laravel, Firebase
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