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Mag Films Studio Web

Mag Films Studio Web
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Mag Films Studio Web

Mag Films Studios are dedicated to distribute their Christian movies to their members through their online portals. This was an extensive project to host their videos online. Provide pay per view streaming, transcode videos, their own Pious Coin integration etc.

I developed their system in Laravel and VueJS for frontend. Video encoding was done through a third party streaming company. Distribution was handled through AWS and their services. For payment I used Stripe as payment gateway. Frontend was written in VueJS, their platform was also offering digital good likes eBooks, Audio books and other stuff. Whole marketplace was developed using the same technologies. Admin portal was developed to handle their multi level admins, content upload, manage site content and Pious Coin handling through out the app.

  • Client : Mag Films Studio
  • Skills : React Native, Laravel, Firebase
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