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Pious Coin Wallets

Pious Coin Wallets
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Pious Coin Wallets

PiousCoin web wallet is another project after the currency creation for users to create their wallets online and through mobile apps. This project was to create landing pages and a wallet creation machination.

This project was continuation of PiousCoin crypto currency project where we have to deliver wallets for users to store their coins and send and receive money from there directly.

PiousCoin wallet was developed using Flutter for cross platform mobiles and VueJS on web. It does not store anything on the server, all the private keys were handled on-device to minimize the risk of losing users currency. Users can send and receive money from the wallet and see the latest currency rate conversion within the app.

  • Client : Mag Films Studio
  • Skills : Kotlin, Java, XCode, Android Studio
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