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Price Pint

Price Pint
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Price Pint

PricePint is a small iPhone app developed for a client from oDesk. They had a website developed in Wordpress back then and they want to take their customer receipts/photos from a mobile application. The idea was simple, use the app to take and upload photos, those will appear of their website in a nice way after approval.

In order to achieve that I have to write a plugin for Wordpress that communicates with the app, provide them necessary gateway to upload pictures and add approval ability to their admin dashboard. Rest was pretty neat HTML, JS stuff to update their website on the go. I really like small challenging jobs that require real thinking about the stuff. It seems very basic project but this is from the time when mobile market was evolving and people were shifting from Web to Mobile space. Now we have lot of lot of plugins and source snippet available to achieve that within an hour or less but back then it was not that straightforward.

  • Client : Adam Philler
  • Skills : iOS SDK, Objective C, XCode, Wordpress, jQuery, CSS
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